Whether you live, work or play in Metro Lansing, there are ways for you to make our community cleaner and greener! Click on any of the links below to learn how residents, business owners, employees and students can learn and get involved.

At Home

Green Your Home

What does living green mean and why does it matter? In simple terms, living green means taking action to minimize your impact on the natural world. Nearly everything that we need for our survival and quality of life depends on our natural environment in some way. By taking steps to minimize your environmental footprint, you can help ensure that we will continue to have the materials and resources needed for everyone to enjoy a healthy environment. 

Learn How to Live Green at Home


At Work

Embrace the Green Office

Sustainability activities are beneficial for businesses as well as the community and the environment. Ready to start greening your business and show your commitment to a greener workplace? Take the Live Green Lansing Pledge and receive a free window sticker to show that you are working green in Michigan’s Capital City! 

Learn How to Live Green at Work


» Household and Hazardous Waste Collection

Every Thursday from 2 - 6 PM through the month of September (5303 S. Cedar St., Lansing, MI, 48909)

* Limited to  Ingham County residents

The Ingham County Health Department is housing weekly collection for hazardous and difficult waste to get rid of, such as household cleaners, pesticides, fertilizers, acids and bases, mercury, oil-based paint, used gasoline and non-controlled medications. Click here to visit website.

» Fruit Tree Project

Youth interested in learning fruit identification, mapping, planting, sustainable agriculture practices, harvesting techniques, culinary skills, and safe food handling are encouraged to participate in the Fruit Tree Project. This project addresses healthy food access on he East side, and will also largely reduce the amount of fruit that goes to waste each year. Click here to register.

At School

Green is a Scholarly Color

The Green Schools Program is designed to involve students, teachers and staff alike in creating a healthier community. Each individual can make a difference in his or her community by participating in programs to save energy, recycle, reduce waste and conserve water. Through the reduced consumption of resources and energy, schools ultimately use less money to operate more efficiently. 

Learn How to Live Green at School